About Us

What We Do

ORBIT is a company founded in 2016. The first activity was in the field of professional training, programming services, computer network services, etc. In 2021, an important part of the activity is the creation of innovative projects, their financing and realization.
ORBIT’s main focus is on creating innovative projects, incubating them and bringing them to the market. During this journey for the creation of these projects, Orbit affects the training and professional formation of young programmers who become part of the practices that Orbit offers.

Our Core Values

What we do?

We cooperate with customers in hope of resolving four painful problems:

Slow-pace delivery

Our DevOps team will work with you to accelerate your software development cycle so that your team could develop, test and deploy in a faster and more consistent way. We make sure your release frequency is increased by introducing automated processes throughout all stages of your product lifecycle.

Migrating to cloud

The complicated configuration, operational challenges and high costs of cloud services make cloud migration a daunting process. Leave it all to us. Our experienced cloud architects will pick out the best-suited services for your project and have them set up and managed for you.


Pure application performance

We make sure your code runs efficiently on the right infrastructure that is capable of enduring your operational workloads. Our guided DevOps initiative will help you eliminate roadblocks on the way to boost the productivity of your team.


Defending against cyber threats

Cybersecurity is a challenge. We help make it easier for customers to stay secure by securing their platforms from hackers and other vulnerabilities that could lead them into malicious activity or worse, data breaches!